Our Process is what sets us apart from your typical construction company or design and build firm.


Envision - Design - Build describes the three stages of your project but let us explain further what to expect along the way.


Initial Meeting - Conceptual Design - Initial Estimate - Final Design - Production

Initial Meeting -  During the initial meeting we meet on site and tour the existing house to get a feeling of what can be done.  This is when we discuss how you currently use your different spaces, what you like, and what you want to change.  We will review our capabilities and further explain the process we will use along the way.  We measure the area in which we will be working so we discuss realistic budget parameters for the project in order to design what can be built.


Conceptual Design - Using the ideas, goals and budget discussed we now create an initial design and develop initial specifications. This will be one possible solution to solve your goals and will provide you with a realistic look at what can be done.


Initial Estimate - Based upon approval of conceptual design, we present you with an initial estimate that will include specification and price to complete the project.  We take into account and try to include as many items that could effect the cost as possible in order to give you enough information to make a decision. 


Final Design and Virtual Tour -  After reviewing the initial estimate and deciding to proceed, we are retained to complete the final design.  This is when we are able to spend time fine tuning the details.  We use 3D Envision to help in space planning and cabinet design and work to get the floor plan just right.  We break down the selection schedule and allocations for finishes like plumbing and electrical fixtures. Once finished, construction drawings are completed and sent to the structural engineer for review.


Production - Once final plans are complete, we get all the necessary permits and the project is scheduled.  We act as general contractor, ordering materials, scheduling labor, meeting with county inspectors, and overseeing the project until complete. 


With one point of contact from concept to design to completion, we have the information needed to make the project run as smooth and efficient as possible as we turn your idea for your home into reality.